Introducing the Furbo dog camera!

We were lucky enough to recently try out the new 'Furbo' dog camera and had so much fun! This is a guaranteed way to ensure your precious pet will never be lonely or bored when you are out!

As dog owners we never like to leave our dogs 'home alone' for long periods of time. Sometimes we need to pop out for a few hours and thanks to some clever new technology called the 'Furbo' dog camera you can now interact with your dog when you are out (or even when you are in a different room!).

Our children absolutely love the Furbo - they load it up with treats (low fat ones for our wee dog haha!) and can then send regular presents to Sizzles from their phones! The Furbo also has a microphone so the dog can hear you talking and you can get bark alerts too. This is so reassuring for both dog and owner!

We have the Furbo positioned in our kitchen to overlook Sizzles's bed. A little tip, which we love, is tuning in late at night when she has gone to bed. We speak to her through our phones to the Furbo and all we could see was her little bright eyes in the dark! We could see she was cosy and very happy!

Such a clever and wonderful idea. We loved it!


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