Labrador Retrievers were thought to have originated in Newfoundland originally. Off the coast of Greenland, they were used by fishermen to retrieve the drag ends of fishing nets in to the shore.  Often employed to retrieve game and highly regarded as a guide and sniffer dog detecting drugs and explosives, this breed is also an excellent water dog.  It's a popular dog with its distinctive short, dense coat with a water resistant undercoat.  The coat colour can be black, yellow or liver/chocolate. Another characteristic is the breed's otter-like tail.  Labrador retrievers have always been great fun to photograph and i often refer to them as happy dogs.  This dog breed has always made me smile and so often each dog is full of surprises.

The Labrador Retriever is good tempered and very agile and is certainly an adaptable and devoted companion who is intelligent, keen and biddable with a very strong will to please.  Regular exercise and sensible feeding is also important to prevent this breed from carrying too much weight.

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