Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of pet animals do you photograph?

In the main, my specialism is in photographing dogs, cats and horses though on occasions have commissions to photograph other small furry such pets such as ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters.

Can I have more than one pet photographed in any session?

Yes, you can split the time of any session between each of your pets and include time for any group photographs too. Paul will advise you of timing allocations before the session begins.

My dog or pet is a rescue dog and is extremely nervous of new people, will this be a problem?

Absolutely not, Paul actually photographs for many well known rescue charities so is more than used to dealing with pets that perhaps did not have the best start to life.

Should I have the pet groomed before the photography session?

Its not essential, though some owners may wish to have that "just groomed" look. If your pet animal is not going for the full grooming treatment, a good brush or clean up may give that coat an extra shine and be tangle free. Its advisable to ensure that the eyes are free from stray hairs or other deposits that can accumulate (unless of course the breed of pet you have its typical for the eyes not to be visible).

Should I bring along some of the dog's favourite toys?

Yes, please do, balls, frisbees and other toys that the dog or animal is fond of are very welcome and we can often utilise these during part of the photography session.

Should I bring any pet food treats?

Its can be advisable to have them with you if your dog or cat responds well to treats yet please refrain from using them until directed as some animals, especially horses can become too obsessed with treats once they know that they are present.

What clothing or footwear is necessary for the session?

Generally, ensure that you have old footwear, waterproofs (if outside), water for the dog, poop bags, towels and a good lead.

Can we bring our own camera or video to the photography session?

I'm afraid not, its more than likely you'll have other tasks provided by Paul and will not have time to take your own pictures. Besides, that is the reason you're hiring Paul to capture your pet at its best.

I need a pet voucher quickly, how long do they take to arrive?

Our pet vouchers usually take 2-3 days to arrive following ordering, yet if you need your pet voucher for a friend or relative the next day, please advise and in many instances this may be possible.

My dogs are not very obedient, yet I'd like a specific kind of image, is this possible?

If there is a specific kind of image you would like, please specify in advance.  It is usually possible with advance planning, yet in rare cases due to lack of space, a "restricted" environment or the general obedience level of the dogs or pets a specific type of shot may not be possible.

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