Paws Experience

A Mindset Approach

The growth and success of Paws Pet Photography over recent years is largely thanks to our existing customers that have gone through a Paws Photography session with photographer, Paul Walker. So often dogs, cats, horses and other animals are often just either recorded in a studio or in an environment in which they have simply been positioned.

This is becoming an all too familiar scene and the result is hardly a reflection of who they are or what they did or what they like to do. I'd like pet owners in future years to remember what crazy antics their cats and dogs did, how they moved and interacted with their owners and the environment around them. The pet's body language and eyes so often tell the real story.

It is for that reason that Paul will direct both handlers and their pets during any session in a manner that will unlock those little nuances that we all love about our pets and thereby give you a true reflective image of any characters present. A range of pet photography techniques will be explored that best suit both obedience level and particular traits of the pet.

Paul is often commissioned to work with animal rescue organisations and rescue pets during sponsorship campaigns so is also well versed in perceived "difficult" or "troublesome" pets.

Often families or pet owners may also wish to have their photograph taken with their pets, including the greatest challenge of all, "children and animals".  It may also give you peace of mind that Paul also has "Enhanced Disclosure" too from Disclosure Scotland. 

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